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Do you have a painful or damaged tooth? A root canal is an endodontic procedure offered by Daniel Sungmin Suh, DDS, MS, at Joseph Dental Group in Irvine, California, that can save a severely damaged tooth. Root canals prevent future decay and potential tooth loss. Schedule an appointment online, or call the practice today for an appointment.

Root Canal Treatment Q & A

What is a root canal?

A root canal is a common endodontic dental procedure used to repair and restore badly infected or damaged teeth. Left untreated, tooth decay progresses into the inner layers of the tooth and infects the blood vessels and nerves. 

Root canals can save damaged teeth. During the procedure, your dentist cleans the infection from the inside of the tooth, fills it, and seals it to prevent future infection.

Do I need a root canal?

Your dentist determines if you need a root canal through a dental exam and X-rays of affected teeth. X-rays provide a look inside the tooth to view a possible infection within the tooth’s inner layer.

Root canals are common treatments for the following symptoms:

  • Swollen gums, face, or neck
  • Gum pain
  • Toothaches
  • Tooth abscess
  • Large cavities
  • Sensitivity to hot or cold temperatures 
  • Bad odor or taste in your mouth

Don’t avoid calling the dentist if you experience any of these symptoms. The sooner you repair a damaged tooth the more likely you can prevent tooth loss. 

What happens during a root canal?

Before the root canal procedure begins, your dentist applies a local anesthetic to the treatment area to ensure your comfort throughout the process. Next, your dentist removes all signs of decay from the outside of the tooth and makes a small hole in the tooth’s crown to access and remove the inner layer of infection.

After infected tissue is removed, the treatment area is thoroughly cleaned and flushed. Medication is added to the pulp area to eliminate infection and prevent future bacteria before the hole is filled and sealed.

If a lot of the tooth’s structure was removed, you may require a crown to restore the tooth’s strength and functioning. 

What are root canal side effects?

Joseph Dental Group ensures your comfort throughout the root canal procedure and recovery. You may experience slight tooth sensitivity for a few days after a root canal. Over-the-counter pain relievers should relieve any minor discomfort. 

If you experience increasing pain or a newly installed crown becomes loose, call Joseph Dental Group for an appointment right away.

A tooth restored with a root canal looks and functions like the rest of your teeth. A root canal procedure lasts a lifetime with proper oral hygiene. 

Don’t ignore a toothache or swollen gums. Call the practice, or book an appointment online at the first sign of toothache to prevent tooth loss and oral health complications.